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Karah (Bowles) Short

Lives in the Mount Vernon area with her husband, and is a mother to a beautiful little girl and son. Family is very important to me, this is why I spend every minute I can out of office with them.

I first got interested in massage when I was in 8th grade when my mother was in a car accident and later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Since then it became my goal to help others feel better and not suffer from pain.

In 2003 I graduated from the Lexington Healing Arts Academy(LHAA) and has been a Certified Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003 and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005. In February 1st 2010 I decided it was time for me to open my own business and that's when Peace be Still Massage & Wellness LLC was born!!

My goal in every session is to let the client know that the table time is their time not mine. If a client wants to talk, laugh, cry, lay and be, or sleep that is all up to the client. I try my very best to listen to the client and their personal needs and goals for the session; if this means a 60 min massage focusing on neck and shoulders lets go for it!!!

Karah has also received a Certification in Fibromyalgia and Pain Management, Certification in Spa Therapy that Heals(Certification includes body wraps, facials, scrubs etc), additional training in the spa industry while working at Woodhouse Day Spa,16 hrs in Reflexology, and additional training in Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal Massage,Sports Massage, and Chair Massage.

Since graduating from LHAA you might know Karah from working in other massage locations in KY such as: Touch of Class in Mount Vernon, Hello Gorgeous and NV Salon and Spa in Richmond, Woodhouse Day Spa in Somerset, Serenity Therapeutic Massage, and Berea Clinic of Internal Medicine both here in Berea.

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Robin Brewer

I live in Georgetown, Kentucky with my two sons. I enjoy spending time with my family and I love to read. I have spent many years helping people improve their dental health as a dental hygienist. I’ve always loved working one on one with my patients. After many years of working at a dental chair, I began to have neck, shoulder and back pain. Not wanting to rely on prescription medicine to manage my pain, I made an appointment with a massage therapist. I vividly remember my amazement at how good I felt, after that first visit years ago. I remember thinking then, “what a great job she has, making people feel this good everyday”. Massage has been a part of my life ever since. I began my career in massage therapy in order to create more balance in my work life. I still enjoy working with my dental patients but by working as a hygienist part time and a massage therapist part time, my body feels better. The best part is that I still get to do what I love, help people.

I am a graduate of Lexington Healing Arts Academy in Lexington, Kentucky. I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. I am nationally certified in massage therapy. I have advanced training in Cold Stones for Migraines, Hot Stone Massage, Lymph Drainage and Deep Tissue Massage. I love to learn. While at LHAA, I was introduced to aromatherapy which changed my life. I use essential oils daily for myself and my family. I am particularly interested in working with mothers, clients with autoimmune disorders, upper back/neck/shoulder pain, those with high stress lives and those who suffer with headaches and migraines. Other interests include improving posture (mine and yours), pregnancy massage, chakra balancing, yoga and meditation.

I recently became a Certified ACE Massage Cupping Practitioner

Anita Winkler

Anita lives in Berea with her husband, Brad. She is experienced and intuitive in working with the energies of the physical body. She has served clients for the past 2 years in her home, and is now happy to be joining the staff of Peace Be Still as a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner with the intent of sharing her love for the amazing healing results and deep relaxation that can occur with energy work. Anita is committed to offering clients alternative healing approaches. As an energy practitioner, she can help you achieve your natural state of balance and wellness by clearing the subtle energies that flow through and around your body. By facilitating deep relaxation, she will support your innate ability to thrive in mind, body and spirit.

Anita is a Level III Certified Reiki Master Practitioner. She is also a Language Arts teacher and holds a M.A.Ed. and Rank 1, Learning and Behavior Disorders and a BA, English Literature from Eastern Kentucky University. She has worked in the Madison County School system since 2000. She has studied a variety of healing modalities and has attended numerous conferences featuring notable speakers, such as C. Norman Shealy, M.D.

Anita discovered her true calling and passion in 2012 after years of dedicated meditation and prayer practice during which her hands became extremely hot and she could sense and feel her own energy field and the energy fields of others. This led to her “discovery” of energy healing and Reiki. Anita humbly considers this ability to be “a gift” that should be shared with others. Using her hands, she can pinpoint blocked or slowed energy in the body’s meridians and chakras. She then can work to create a positive change in the client’s energy system. Results can range from deep, pleasant and relaxed feelings in the body to spontaneous healing events.

Anita’s other interests include reading, hiking, writing, nature, yoga, Zumba, crystals, meditation, nutrition, bike riding, beaches, angels, all things metaphysical, and striving each day to find joy and achieve the full potential of her higher purpose.    

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Turn Right at light on North Dogwood Dr

Peace be Still is located on the left(1/4th mile)

Pass Lakes Funeral Home and Metal Jade building next to Younique


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