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Massage Packages

Facial Treatment

including Mask and Massage to Upper Shoulders,Neck,Arms,Neck, Face, and Scalp

(60 Min Total Service)


Treat the Feet

Scrub on Feet removed with hot towels, 30 Min Massage with Hot Stones

(45 Min Total Service)



60 Min Relaxation Hot Stone Massage


(95 Min Total Service)


Body & Sole

60 Min Hot Stone Massage

30 Min Facial Treatment

20 Min Foot Massage


Mind, Palm, & Sole

Relax and Unwind with this "no body" package. Starting with the therapist massaging essential oil infused shea butter to the feet, next a relaxing hand massage, and ending with neck/scalp massage.

(30 Min Total Service)


Experience Peace

Full Body Scrub(removed with Hot Towels)

60 Min Hot Stone Massage

30 Min Foot Massage

20 Min Facial & Scalp Massage

(Estimated 130 Min Total Service)


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