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We begin this facial treatment with a steam towel wrapped around the face to relax the muscles and to open the pores to prepare it for our natural products. Next we apply each facial product and then massaging and removing each product with hot steamed towels; we end this treatment by applying an uplifting mask followed by massage to the arms, hands, and scalp.


(30 minute treatment)

NOTE: facials may vary slightly depending on therapist 


Sea Salt Body Polish/Sugar Scrub-​

using natural minerals,dead sea salts, and invigorating blends of essential oils; this incredible exfoliation technique well bring renewal and softness to the skin. This treatment increases circulation for cold hands and feet and helps assist detoxification of lactic acids from the muscle. Removing of the scrub with hot steam towels and a relaxing scalp massage completes this treatment

starting at $35.00

Please do not shave 24 hours before your appointment.

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